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Why BVG Nuclear


Established as largest integrated service provider organization in India with more than 20 years of experience

Extending technical support to various Govt and Private organizations

Professionally competent and strong team with vast international experience

State of art highly accurate equipment inventory that can be mobilized and deployed at any site around the world in no time

Highly competitive charges

Provides customized end to end solutions

Our Services

Polymers Fabrication

Blockage Detection

Present Scenario Present Technique-Hydro-testing of the pipelines only indicates the presence of leak but not .

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Heat Exchanger Leakage Detection

Present Scenerio Present Technique-Shut down and visual inspection Limitations in Existing Technique:- Time consuming Very .

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Sediment Transport Study

Present Scenario Present Technique-Rough understanding based on scaled down mathematical models of the ports Limitations .

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Pipe Scanning

Present Scenario No technology available to correctly assess the exact location and nature of blockage .

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Leakage Detection from Reservoirs

Present Scenario Present Technique-Visual inspection to assess leakage Grouting carried out not in conformity with .

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Fly Ash Disposal Studies

Present Scenario Present Technique-Analysis of geo hydrological parameters Limitations in Existing Technique:- No accuracy Time .

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Gamma Column Scanning

Present Scenario Operational parameters are checked by visual inspection and analysis Limitations in Existing Technique:- .

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our professionals

Meet Our Team

We are a highly skilled team with years of engineering and design experience. Our goal is to surpass your expectations!

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BVG Nuclear Private Limited (BVGNPL) is a new addition to the BVG family. A start-up with blend of path breaking technology and team of dedicated expertise, the company is poised to undertake detection of leakages and complex defects in refinery columns, heat exchangers, underground pipelines, dams, reservoirs etc. using advance radiation techniques.
Repairs of dams, guided dredging and ash disposal are other forte of BVGNPL.
The applications developed by the company not only benefits the proprietor in terms of saving the money, time and efforts but helps the society and environment as well.

BVG Nuclear

Extending technical support to various Govt and Private organizations